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Artist: LUCIE_D

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Artist name: Amelie_F
Birthplace: Snowstoomuch
Currently living in: A yurt I'm learning to put up and take down
Occupation: Often I work outdoors with plants. Also a student
Age: I celebrated my 36th this year
Height: Well, I'm not short (1.73m roughly)
Starsign: Dog
The biggest passion in my life: To sing and feel like a bird
I like to listen to: Kookaburras and magpies
I like to watch: Swallows - they are so fast and agile
I like to smell: Fresh coffee in the morning that I don't drink and wattle on the tree

New Releases

Feb 19, 2019 Amelie_F//"GeishaBall"
"Doing the shoot initially took me out of my comfort zone. I can happily be naked/partly dressed and nap or have a bath and wander around when alone and unembarrassed. Once I turned on the camera however, I realised it was fun and required some fiddling around too. I had planned on having a nap and quiet time after lunch and I wanted a bath to relax my back (I work on a tree farm, so my body feels tired some days). It was good to start the shoot in my room then I turned off the camera and had a really lovely time soaking in the bath. I use a geisha ball because I orgasm more intensely when I'm wearing it. :)"
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Feb 18, 2019 Zoe_C//"moodexperiment"
"I found this shoot to be a little more challenging than the first simply because I felt the pressure not be repetitive with angles ect. After a while though I think I got back into the mood of it all and began to have fun! Taking photos of yourself naked is such an interesting experience especially when you're trying to take them in places with good lighting and not being seen by people walking past on the street haha. The key I feel is to just have fun with it and experiment!"
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Feb 18, 2019 Desiree_C//"drolebeau"
"Ce tournage était tellement amusant! Explorer mon corps et ma créativité, essayer de trouver des poses drôles, belles et folles et des objets avec lesquels photographier. Ce folio a été fabriqué dans une belle maison avec beaucoup de choses que j’ai utilisées pour le rendre plus amusant. / This shoot was SO FUN! Exploring my body and creativity, trying to find funny, beautiful, crazy poses and objects to shoot with. This folio was made in a beautiful house with loads of things I used to make it more fun."
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Feb 17, 2019 Lyndel//"middaybreak"
"This shoot was originally imagined as incorporating the outdoor bath tub we've built up in the yard, but I decided to start at the small tea table and chairs under the trees and enjoyed getting creative there! The sun kept popping in and out, the design of the furniture was intricate and aged and the colours appeared so vibrant, it worked so well. I also really loved that I got to enjoy my coffee throughout and as part of the shoot! Perfect midday break to the gardening and yard work."
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Feb 17, 2019 Minka_G//"twinpeaks"
"I had so much fun shooting this folio. It really pushed me to get creative with using the lighting and certain angles. I felt like a contortionist trying to get the shots of my butt, especially since I have such short arms. Hey, at least now I know how to take selfies with my feet :P I'm not sure why but I just wanted to put my bare butt on every surface and so I did!"
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Feb 16, 2019 Lucy_H//"geological"
"What inspired my photoshoot was the location and how I felt being in such a beautiful spot outdoors. The first time I did the I Shot Myself project, I was hoping to execute it out in nature, however that day it was rainy and overcast and I was left to be creative within the confines of my bedroom. When the opportunity came around this time to do another shoot, I jumped at it, wanting to make use of the gorgeous sunshine and the incredible rock faces by the water at this particular location. I found it so inspiring the way the angles and shapes of my body mimicked those of the sandstone walls around me. It felt incredibly freeing being able to strip down in such a beautiful natural environment and celebrate both myself and the landscape around me - after all, we are all nature. Being naked in the open sunshine allowed me to feel powerful and sensual and sexy, and feel a deeper connection to myself and my surroundings. I am so happy I got to capture that and share it with the ISM community."
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Feb 16, 2019 Raquel_C//"partes_intimas"
"Tome estas fotos en la casa de una amiga, quise que fuesen lo mas natural posible dentro de lo que es el dia a dia en la vida de una mujer y capturar varias emociones que se tienen al momento de querer ser sensual. siempre me dio miedo mostrar mis partes intimas, pero esta vez lo quise mostrar todo! espero que les guste. / I took these pictures in a friend's house, I wanted them to be as natural as possible in a space where we are every day, and to capture different emotions at the moment of feeling sexy. I was always scared of showing my intimate parts, but this time I wanted to show it all! I hope you like it!"
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Feb 15, 2019 Ri//"inhermind"
"Coming into this shoot, I felt nervous. Although I feel in touch with my sexuality, I've never so openly and voraciously explored, connected and presented it before. I knew that I wanted the setting to reflect the smooth, deep, tonal and comfortable sense that I feel within my skin; and so my bedroom was the perfect choice. Deep colours of jade, purple and orange are my soul colours, it makes sense that they feature so prominently in my home space. I wore the clothing I feel sexiest in, and was reflecting upon why I rarely wear them in my normal life. Where does the hesitancy I have towards embracing sexy come from? The sense of pride, power and sex that overcame me in my shoot was invigorating. I orgasmed! On camera! It was me, capturing me, pleasuring me. If that isn't pure self love, I don't know what is. Sexy is a colour I want to wear more often. My room represents my mind, and I explored sex so intensely in that moment. So, welcome to my conscious experience of sexuality."
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Feb 14, 2019 Johanna_B//"seinspublique"
"Het hele folio is in de publieke ruimet getrokken. Dit bleek een hele vitdaging te zijn. Deze foto's zijn kwetsbaar en het risico om betrapt te worden was groot. Tock voelde het beaurijdend, zo eerlijk, zo pleasant. Ik ben mezelf all maar mooier gan viden. Meit voelde steeds alsofmijn armen tekort waren am ieder perspectief in bald te brengen. / The whole folio is shot in public spaces and this was a pretty big challenge. Not only did I share these intimate moments with the camera, but also with the city. Every time, every moment there was a big risk of being caught. I always felt as if my arms where too short to shoot every angle! Still it felt very liberating, honest, and fun. I only feel more beautiful."
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