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Editors Pick week 776
editors pick week 776

Artist: PIPER_A
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Artist name: Molly_B
Birthplace: Ballarat, Australia
Currently living in: Melbourne
Occupation: Student
Age: 22
Height: 166cm
Starsign: Aquarius
The biggest passion in my life: Gender equality for all, no matter what you identify as
I like to watch: Guilty pleasure is Gilmore Girls, and I'm always watching The Greatest Showman
I like to smell: The ocean, the smell of the sea breeze makes me feel like I'm getting a big hug

New Releases

Mar 21, 2019 Molly_B//"bee_balm"
"I was so nervous at the start of the shoot, I felt ugly and awkward. So I put on a rockin playlist of my fave artists and immediately felt a boost of confidence. I moved from my room to my housemate's room and eventually went outside. I was bloody scared that our creepy neighbours would see me so I stayed low to the ground so they couldn't look over the fence and see me. I got leaves and dirt up my bum but I had the biggest smile across my face. I didn't want it to end, so I just kept going and shooting more poses with different props. I mainly focused on bright colours and flowers because I feel like they sum me up as a person. I love everything colour, so I guess that was the theme of my shoot. I absolutely loved the shoot and can't wait to do more Feck things!"
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Mar 20, 2019 Nio//"SuburbanCreep_3"
"I am visual artist, albeit a frustrated one because I have a disability," says Nio. The understatement of the century. It's part of Nio's beguilement that she should be so many things at once - stunningly talented and abashedly humble, frankly vulnerable yet swathed in layers of shifting painted mysteries. Nio, if this is you disabled, we reckon in your full power you'd probably destroy the world and spit it out, shaking and screaming, at your perfect feet.
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Mar 20, 2019 Lana_C//"endofsummer"
"I live in a place with loads of people so I had to go over to my friend's house for this shoot. She was out to begin with but told me her back door was open and I could let myself in. I initially got the house number wrong and ended up in the back garden of a random house, luckily they didn't see me! Once inside there was no one else in so I went into their back garden to shoot, where I was surprised by a random chicken. I'd almost run out of ideas when my friend got back home and was able to give me some fresh poses."
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Mar 19, 2019 Stacey_K//"age_of_stace""
"What a fun day! My partner lives overseas so I am no stranger to the camera (long distance is tough). I found it very liberating and exciting to be able to shoot myself how ever I wanted and I never once felt uncomfortable. I absolutely love what this shoot stands for - being completely 100% yourself and using your naked body as a way of expressing freedom. Amazing."
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Mar 18, 2019 Piper_A//"fulloflove"
"I put off doing this shoot for so long! Every single week I was waiting for my body to be in pristine condition; I wanted the bruise on my knee to disappear, I wanted the weirdly shaped sunburn/tan lines on my boobs to fade, I wanted my chin pimple to leave my face alone! In the end, my body decided that it was not ready to heal at a reasonable pace so I grabbed the camera and went for it. Sure I was a bruised, sunburnt and pimply lady, but my heart was in exactly the place I needed it to be. I recently moved house - my space and my mind feel fresh as a daisy. This is also my first shoot as an engaged woman - my heart is full of love and I am so ready to share that with you! Enjoy <3"
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Mar 18, 2019 Margaux_P//"plaisirenrouge"
"J'adore le rouge a levres. J'en mets chaque matin. Il m'a paru evident de faire mon shooting sur ce theme. D'autant plus que j'adore le rouge, je trouve que c'est une couleur sensuelle et tres sexy. Quand j'etais entrain de faire mon shooting, les voisons sont venus sonner a la porte. J'ai rapidement attrape une serviett, pretendant que je sortais de la douche. La situatiom m'a fait beaucoup rire (je me suis dis : si ils savaient. J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir a faire ce shooting. J'ai ete surprise de voir a quel point je me sentais a l'aise avec mon corps et l'appareil photo. C'etait une super experience. / I love lipstick, I put some on my face every day. For me it was natural to do this shoot about this subject. I love red, I think it's a sensual and sexy color. When I was doing my shoot, my neighbours rang the doorbell. I quickly took a towel, pretending I was having a shower. It was very funny. I take pleasure in doing this shoot, I was surprised to see how much I was comfortable with my body and the camera. A great experience."
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Mar 17, 2019 Lizzy_C//"sunnygirl"
"This shoot was much different from my first, as I decided to do it outside. When I arrived at my friend's house the lighting was much too bright for the pictures, but I found a nice cozy spot in the shade next to a wooden storage hut. Because I was in the shade I felt much much colder than I would have if I had been in the sun. I tried to play with props that I found around me. There was an old fake sunflower someone had previously used in the garden and I had a great time using it. I also brought a mirror on the train to my friend's place all the way from my place on the other side of town, haha."
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Mar 17, 2019 Ashleigh_R//"superfan"
"I'm visiting family currently and don't have access to the whole house for shooting purposes, but I also chose my bedroom as I feel our bedrooms are a sanctuary, a safe space for us to catch up on much needed alone time and shut out the worries and distractions of the outside world. I find bedrooms to be a very personal, intimate place, so I wanted to let you all in and share some of that vulnerability and intimacy with you all."
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Mar 16, 2019 Tayra//"soundbites"
Making excellent use of a pair of tights and some pink headphones, Tayra returns with another gorgeous shoot. Her obvious ease with herself is undeniably appealing, and we're very grateful that Tayra has allowed us the honour of witnessing her lovely presence. What a bunch of lucky ducks we are.
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