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Artist: VENUS_O

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Artist name: Marlene_P
Birthplace: Wellington, NZ
Occupation: Musician/Barista
Age: 27
Height: 157cm
Starsign: Scorpio baby
The biggest passion in my life: Sound
I like to listen to: Hip hop, lush vocals
I like to watch: An odd mix of interesting docos and absolute trash. Also Rick and Morty 4eva!
I like to smell: Freshly roasted coffee, forests, herbs

New Releases

Oct 17, 2018 Marlene_P//"returntopower"
"I participated in ISM to get back in touch with loving my body and appreciating my sexuality. I used to be very confident being naked and connecting with my sexual energy but after going through some difficult stuff I've been feeling a little disconnected and finding it hard to feel 100% comfortable in my body. This shoot is a step towards feeling free and empowered in my body once again!"
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Oct 16, 2018 Annika_G//"SavageFleur"
"This was super fun to shoot because I don't usually wear anything but black, so I thought it would be fun to wear another color to change a little bit haha! I really love the little flowers I took from the garden. I just wanted to be cute but sexy at the same time. I hope you love it as much as did doing this. Sending kisses!"
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Oct 15, 2018 Anja_K//"Astraea"
"This shoot I've done is a minimal and progressive approach to capturing nakedness, with all its dimples, flaws and "imperfections" that are rigorously deleted from most media we encounter. I wanted the sun to reflect across my body and show that I have lumps, and use the sun to illuminate my body so it would look sculptural. My inspiration was Ancient Greek goddesses. They're very powerful, and carelessly naked women, and I think they're an inspiration, not just because they're athletic and strong and healthy but also because they're unashamed. Making people ashamed of themselves is a multi-billion dollar industry. Despite becoming more confident and accepting of myself and my body, we all feel pressure to live up to the standards imposed on us by the cosmetics and fashion industries. I made a point of not wearing any makeup in this shoot at all in order to show how amazing people are, and to not perpetuate a fake, "I'm lying around yet I'm completely made up for some reason" vibe. No props, no weird poses, just total nudity and a comfortable, calming atmosphere."
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Oct 15, 2018 Arabella_S//"urbanwild"
"It was so much fun to shoot myself. At first I was thinking I would make it about the suburban life I'm living at the moment, but the light sucked in most parts of the house, so now it's about the wild side of suburbia! Being naked in the hidden part of a park and taking sexy pictures in your bedroom. The shoot made me so horny and I wasn't the only one. My partner, who helped me take stuff to the park and find a good spot, got so aroused, that we had a quickie in the bushes. Things also got pretty hot after the bedroom shoot. It was a great weekend. At first it was bit funny to shoot myself, because it's been so long since I was into sexting and sending weird-angled nude pictures to guys. But it turned into fun really fast."
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Oct 14, 2018 Lily_D//"GardenLily"
"Everything has changed in such a short amount of time! I've moved countries again, cut off all my hair again, started being an artist again and have found a new peace in this place. I've shifted into a habit of doing what feels natural to me, doing what comes easy. In that shift I've made peace with my body, I used to be ashamed of all my body hair and now I let it grow freely. I go for walks through the forest, stretch and dance when it feels right but I don't stress when it doesn't. I feel good, loved, calm, whole. This shoot is a celebration of the new state I am in and loving every bit of myself. One of my favourite ways to clear my head is to create continuous line drawings. So I decided in some of these shots to make my body into one of those drawings. It was really fun and incorporating my drawing into the shoot allowed me to draw myself into the process, instantly I was able to relax and found I enjoyed taking the photos that much more. Enjoy, Lily xx"
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Oct 14, 2018 Morgan_F//"sexpositive"
"This shoot was an incredible amount of fun. As someone who models, participating in this type of shoot I was totally in control and I felt very liberated physically, spiritually and creatively. I could happily spend every day taking nude photos of myself (as long as it's not too cold!). In the future I hope to be able to do an outdoor shoot as I find myself so happy and free when I can be myself and naked in nature."
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Oct 13, 2018 Sindee//"perfectpinup"
"I feel like where I am at right now in my life is the perfect place. I have so much self love, and joy for living that I really wanted to capture this to share with the world. Ishotmyself is just divine for this, I got to capture all my favorite little nooks on my body in my own comfort! Before the shoot I went for a peaceful walk and felt the wind on my face and breathed in the fresh air of the day and picked some of the loveliest pink flowers, which I just had to use. So complimentary to the beautiful flowery nature of my femininity, because after all that is the sexual part of the plant! For this shoot, I shot in front of a giant open window and while I had my feet up on the glass, taking some shots, an innocent passer by caught a glance which certainly made me smile!! I think I may have made his day."
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Oct 13, 2018 Grace_R & Audrey_R//"sassysisters_2"
METHOD: Combine cake mix, sunny day, creativity and confidence in a large bowl. Mix well. Lick the spoon. LOTS! Get undressed. Put on an apron, then decide it's more fun to get messy. Add citrus fruit and sprinkles to bowl. Mix well. Bring bowl outside and sit in sun. Pour ingredients into tin and bake. While cooking, have some fun! Ideas include: swinging on the fence, playing with garden toys, eating extra sprinkles and sunbaking. After one hour remove cake from oven. You now have a sassy sister shoot. Chefs note: We had SO much fun doing this shoot. It was actually a lot easier than we expected to think of fun ideas and interesting ways to take photos. We both prefered a duet shoot as we made some great new memories together and got to share the experience. We had some pretty funny experiences while shooting, including getting undressed only to look over at the very shocked household cat who was watching us shoot... he looked very unimpressed. There was also a close call with a neighbour over the fence... whoops!
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Oct 12, 2018 Faith_B//"pridenpower"
"It's my day off and I'm relaxing, I light some incense and get creative with my makeup. I feel burning creativity inside me and I'm in the mood to express myself. I'm a bit apprehensive at first, but the sun comes out and shines through my open window, I feel seduced by the idea that in this moment, I am the only person in the whole world. Never have I seen myself in such a glowing, warm and non distorted light. I am a goddess, an angel among men. I have the power to give and to take away. Pride swells up in my chest, I own my sexuality and my nakedness. This is me, I think to myself. This is all mine."
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