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editors pick week 754

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Artist name: Carmen_Rose
Birthplace: Missoula, Montana
Occupation: Travel Agent
Age: 24
Starsign: Aries
The biggest passion in my life: Traveling as a way to connect with other people and cultures
I like to listen to: Classic Rock, Rap, Folk, Alternative. Pretty much anything, depends on my mood
I like to watch: Live theatre. Youtube videos of dogs
I like to smell: Cologne

New Releases

Apr 22, 2018 Carmen_Rose//"rediscovering"
"My shoot was a beautiful and chaotic experience of rediscovering my body and space after gaining weight and moving house. The entire shoot was done in my bedroom - in December I moved into a five bedroom house with 11 other young people from the UK, Sweden, France, Germany, and Italy. The wildness of the house and the newness of the room to me made me skeptical of how well I could shoot myself there. As I progressed through creating images, I found the light, the corners, the reflections, and the softness in my room. I examined the objects that I had brought with me to my new life here, and their relationship with my body. More importantly I embraced my curves like I never have. I found the beauty in my belly and stretch marks, and tapped into my sexuality in a way I haven't since I gained weight. It was truly a beautiful experience of self-love and self-expression."
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Apr 21, 2018 Kikea//"m_and_mmm"
"I loved getting among the M&Ms, I tried balancing them on my nipples and placing them in my bush which was a funny experience. Definitely one of the best props! I was falling all over my body trying these unique wacky positions, I was very comfortable relaxing in my room so it's hard not to enjoy yourself."
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Apr 21, 2018 Clarissa_B//"farmstar"
"At the beginning I felt a little unsure about how to start MY NUDE PHOTOSHOOT... but then I just let myself go, and I was laughing, and getting really serious and sexy, and embarrassed, and raunchy and weird and loving every minute of it! I feel like I was becoming more in love with myself every photo and position I got in, every roll, bump, every little black hair popping out here and there. It was making me fall deeply in love with it! It was so empowering and I felt like a young girl again running around my house naked on a hot summer's day with an intention to just have fun! It was funny taking photos upside down because I look really happy but I was so scared, and it was interesting climbing the tree naked because you have to be so careful not to get branches in little crevices that can be painful! I feel so happy and comfortable in my body, and totally empowered!"
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Apr 20, 2018 Cayu//"candycuddles"
"Ce shooting photo fut une experience amusante dont la finalite s'est vu surprise par une paire de ciseaux de cuisine. Anciennement model pour coiffeur, plus complexee par les poils sur mon cailloux que par ma nudite, je me suis mise au fur et a mesure a aneantir l'objet de mes caprices. Un corps mis a nu, des cheveux en moins et un esprit libre. / This photo shoot was a fun experience whose finality was surprised by a pair of kitchen scissors. Formerly a model for a hairdresser, I was more vexed by the hairs on my pebbles than by my nudity. I put myself out there as a way to annihilate the object of my caprice. A body laid bare, hairless and a free spirit."
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Apr 19, 2018 Leeanne//"nuddie_days"
"I decided to shoot outside in the garden. My flatmates are very used to me walking around in the nuddie - our elderly neighbours however, are definitely not. Their bedroom window has a perfect view into our garden. A few awkward moments (quite a bit of shouting in Italian) lead to an eventful afternoon!"
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Apr 18, 2018 Lilith_B//"AeonsOfWorth_2"
"It's dynamic. I loved the creative freedom I was allowed, especially getting to play with angles, closeups and light..."
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Apr 18, 2018 Cata//"descubrimiento"
"Realizar este proyecto fue un desafio personal que me sorprendio en muchos aspectos. Me vi envuelta en un descubrimiento y reconocimiento de mi misma y de mi cuerpo, me vi aceptandome y me vi simplemente hermosa. Sin duda una experiencia que recomiendo. / Realizing this project was a personal challenge, that surprised me in many aspects. I was involved in a discovery and recognition of myself and my body, I saw myself receiving and I saw myself simply beautiful. I highly recommend the experience."
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Apr 17, 2018 Clarina//"highernhigher"
"It was a stifling hot day in my backyard, with camera in hand, my naked body on the horizon, I braved the weather and the sweat for the shots and it was so much fun! I found myself up a tree, higher and higher I climbed and the exhilaration was running through me. I realised I had never been up a tree naked before and I was getting so excited I nearly fell off a branch when trying to balance. I felt really present the whole time and when I looked back on my photos I just smiled because it felt almost weird at first but then I fell in love with my body and it was beautiful. My twin sister Clarissa_B also did a shoot around the same time and it's really gorgeous."
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Apr 16, 2018 Grace_R//"naked_unawares"
"This shoot was all about fun. It's a new year and I feel like it's the time to start exploring new parts of myself and experiment a little bit. I tried to keep the shots free and "loose", not focusing too much on my poses. I wanted it to look as natural as possible, as if I'd just been caught in the garden naked and unawares. I had access to a lovely garden for this shoot so I made the most of the sun and headed outside. I felt so happy throughout this whole process, there was just something about the sun, fresh air and just being me that made for a perfect and bubbly combination. Venturing inside, a naughty mood overtook me, so I turned to mirrors and added a couple of props to make the shots even more fun and extra sexy."
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