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Artist: BAILEY_K

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editors pick week 797

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Artist name: Zoe_M
Birthplace: Earth
Currently living in: Earth
Occupation: Inamorata
Age: 26
Height: 167cm
Starsign: Scorpio
The biggest passion in my life: I believe my biggest passion, aside from love is beauty/art, plants, animals and the environment
I like to listen to: Stormy nights AND folk, blues, jazz
I like to watch: The changing of seasons!
I like to smell: Deep, earthy forest tones, petrichor, violets, vanilla and musk

New Releases

Aug 17, 2019 Zoe_M//"synanthous"
"This shoot was definitely a welcome challenge for me! While I am incredibly comfortable with being nude, I found the co-ordination of selfie style shooting extremely awkward!! And fun, lots of giggles! I also had the happy accident of being interrupted by my baby bunny Diablo thumping away! So, of course, I brought him in and he became the star of the show! Which helped me in feeling comfortable to keep shooting and power through the foot cramps I got trying to position my toes for foot shots!"
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Aug 16, 2019 Elle_H//"dark_paradise"
"I live on a super busy main street so it was pretty funny shooting this as I was using my window for light and would have to dive out of view whenever people would walk past and look up at me. I felt pretty shy when I first started off but just started blasting Lana Del Rey and tried to channel my inner Dita Von Teese or Violet Chachki. Filled with confidence and creativity I gave it my best shot."
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Aug 15, 2019 Eliza_C//"curly_wurly"
"The funny thing that happened was my dogs wanted to join in on the shoot and would keep giving me kisses. The folio is basically me being awkward and enjoying it, and it was strange using a camera and not my phone. I added chocolate because it's always fun to have something sweet and yummy to enjoy day to day. I tried to do shots with and without make up just to have some variety. I feel more confident wearing make up, but feel empowered when I'm not wearing it as it's natural and it's me without a mask so to speak. I tried to be as authentic as possible and I hope that comes across."
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Aug 14, 2019 Ripley//"history_babes_2"
"I will admit I definitely underestimated the amount of time goes into script writing, and as you can see in my videos that the beginning is very polished and well-rehearsed, and as we go further it becomes more ad-lib and sloppy, but thats okay, it fits with the story line of the manic-depressive, drug-dependent host with daddy-issues. Of the three FECK projects I have participated in, this was by far the most fun, and I would love to create more content like this, if you would like to view it! Hasta la vista darlings!"
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Aug 14, 2019 Olga_S//"Ambipedal"
"This was a funny, easy going shoot. I felt comfortable and I got turned on and even had 2 orgasms afterwards. The second one was even stronger then the first. This was a fabulous and naughty experience for me. I would like to do an outdoor shoot as I enjoy being nude in the nature. Also I am curious to do an underwater shoot. Maybe not fully nude, but a bit like a teasing shoot. P.S - It was very difficult to hold a camera with both feet :)."
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Aug 13, 2019 Mollie_C//"SongsForAShoot"
"I got the keys to my new house recently, and decided to use this shoot as a strange kind of house warming ritual. At first I was a bit anxious of making too memorable an impression on any new neighbours that decided to peep over the fence, but after putting on some old tape cassettes (which always make me feel at home) I had fun exploring these new empty spaces, and even had a brief excursion into the backyard despite the winter breeze on my nips. It was truly liberating, and a tribute to feeling comfortable in my oldest and most precious home: My Body."
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Aug 12, 2019 Wendy_G//"ThatsAWrap"
"I've always wanted to try using glad wrap for these shoots, unfortunately it wasn't as sticky as I'd hoped for :( but I still had a heap of fun wrapping some of my body up in it then tearing it off. First time doing it at my parents house so I did have to barricade my bedroom door, all part of the fun and luckily no one came in. I love feeling like I can try whatever I want with these shoots, it's an amazing feeling that limitless creativity and raw exposure."
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Aug 12, 2019 Katarina_M//"balconetta"
"All of my neighbors in the apartment complex have now seen me naked as I spent hours posing myself on the balcony fully nude and losing myself in it so much that I didn't notice anyone walking by. I hope whomever saw me doing it enjoyed it at least! I have also become a bit more flexible trying to get some shots of my butt so I'd also recommend this as a good workout/yoga session."
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Aug 11, 2019 Charlie_F//"sodathereal"
"It took me 3 hours to get that material to stick to my ceiling and I only had around 15 minutes to take pics with them hanging before they fell around me! The little turds also took paint off my ceiling, but it was worth it! I wanted these photos to look dreamlike and give glimpses of that Sunday morning sleep in vibe."
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