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Artist: ESTHER_E

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Editors Pick week 728
editors pick week 728

Artist: TILLY_B
Folio: "AL_FRESCO"
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Artist name: Emerald_A
Currently living in: Camberwell, Australia
Occupation: Waitress
Age: 19
Height: 175cm
Starsign: Taurus
The biggest passion in my life: Caring and looking after others, travelling and my relationship
I like to listen to: All types of genres as it's heavily dependent on my mood - But mostly R&B and rap
I like to watch: TV shows with long series to binge watch. Currently binging How I Met Your Mother
I like to smell: The crisp air on a cold morning, home cooked meals and fruity candles

New Releases

Sep 24, 2017 Emerald_A//"azure_eyes"
"I didn't really know where to start because I had never really taken nude photos before this except for an occasional cheeky snapchat here and there to my boyfriend. I did my photos in 4 or 5 different sessions so I could think of what else I could use and where else I could go. My room was too dark to take any good pictures so I went to the spare bedroom and opened the blinds. I started with a few, looked at them and deleted every one but then realised that's not the point of this project. So I refused to look at any of them until I knew I had taken over 150. Doing this shoot made me feel so empowered, it gave me confidence in myself that I didn't know was possible. When I used my lingerie I never felt sexier in my life, I was so happy to get to use it all again! I love my body and I have this project to thank for that."
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Sep 23, 2017 Page_B//"check_meowt"
"With this photoshoot I wanted to express boldness, bondage is such a beautiful way to show varied images of sexuality with its sharp and dark look. While taking these photos I just tried to let go and be myself, focusing on the things that make me feel sexy and confident. Mainly I just wanted to relax and have fun because personally, I feel that's what ISM is about, the raw appreciation of one's self and how empowering it can be. During the shoot, my fluffy lil 2 month old kitten decided it would be a perfect time for some lovin' and joined in :)"
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Sep 23, 2017 Betty_R//"strandausflug"
"Das Shooting war ganz anders als erwartet. Am Anfang habe ich selbst an mir gezweifelt und ueberlegt ob ich es wirklich tun sollte, aber meine Freundin Anastasia_A war da und wir haben uns geholfen. Ich habe mich dafuer entschieden und das war gut. Ich bin staerker und selbstsicherer daraus hervorgegangen. Es ist eine gute Erfahrung in jedem Fal, vor allem fuer Maedchen wie mich, die in ihrem Koerper noch nicht ganz angekommen sind. / The shoot was quite different than expected. In the beginning, I doubted myself and wondered if I could really do it, but my friend Anastasia_A was there and we helped each other. I decided to do this and that was good. I have emerged stronger and safer. It is a good experience in every way, especially for girls like me, who have not quite arrived in their body yet."
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Sep 22, 2017 Frankie_May//"i_am_art"
"I am all that I am. I am enough, I am love, I am worthy, I am sexy, I am art, I am a goddess. I believe all women are all of these things and then some, the list is endless. I am all that I am right now and who I dissolve into next. For the shoot I wanted to capture the essence of who I am right now, to strip back and be raw and real with myself, unedited. When I woke up that morning I chose to embody the words I wrote on myself, to believe and to just be me. I have recently discovered my love of life drawing which you can see in the background of my shoot. I love the softness of the female body, the beauty of the vagina, the curves of the breast, the way legs lead you to either connect with the earth or to create life in the womb. I know I have gifts to share with the world and this shoot is one step in me embracing all that I am, gaining the confidence to stand proud of my work, this body. I trust that this project is one step on my journey of coming back home."
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Sep 21, 2017 Lina_S//"morning_tea"
"Being nude in my own home drinking black tea in the mornings is not exactly an unusual event so it made perfect sense that I would take part in ISM! I live with two wonderful people who support me in all that I do. I had hoped to take these photos out bush somewhere, but time constraints led to a much more ordinary, everyday glimpse into my life."
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Sep 20, 2017 India_Q//"real_woman_1"
"I had SO much fun filming my I Shot Myself project. I wanted to capture myself in the every day, from coffee to riding my bike. I felt bold and brave and honest which has resonated through every other element of my life. I am hungry for more!"
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Sep 20, 2017 Frey//"high_priestess"
"I was lucky because it's been so cold and NOT SUNNY but the day I took my photos outside I managed to steal some sweet sun. The first few were at my friend's house where I woke up....then I was in my garden at home under the washing line. I was nervous because the fences to my neighbours are real shitty and I was mildly concerned about being seen. I tried to just take the pictures and not look at them. The night before this I went to a feminist support group meeting where the topic was body image so I had been thinking deeply about the unhealthy way I think of my body and I was motivated to ignore all the bullshit negativity in my mind. I went into my housemate's room and took some butt pics....I'm pretty insecure about my butt so it was hard to do this. Then I went to my beautiful friend's house! She is like a little Scottish angel and I love her. I jumped naked on her trampoline and took photos while she made me tea and rolled me joints. THIS WAS THE TITS! I had so much fun jumping and seeing the sometimes useless/sometimes hilarious outcome. It was also funny to see her potter around while I was butt naked on a cold Melbourne day. The rest of my photos I shot in my room because my bed is so fabulous. I call it the "High Priestess" bed. I think my face looked nice in these photos but I was super aware of my psoriasis all over my body. Mostly this shoot just made me wish I had longer arms. But anyway, my body is only one important thing about me. I love inside me, and who I am and how I make people feel. My body is less important to me than that."
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Sep 19, 2017 Chelsea_R//"count_me_in"
"I shot at home, I have a collection of mirrors to get lots of different angles and to move my whole body into different positions. It makes me happy to view my body in different ways and using the natural light to project my many different features. Using my feet and other body parts to actually take photos gave me a unique view of myself and to see some ways that people would see me as well in that way."
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Sep 18, 2017 Acarya//"winter_blues"
"As this was my second shoot, I was so excited and not nervous at all. I just wanted to get my clothes off and jump into it. I wanted to go with a kind of winter blues theme. It was so cold outside so the goose bumps came naturally. Then I used a combination of glitter (which was very messy) and long warm socks and a couple items of clothing I'd been dying to photograph myself in. I loved having the mountains as a background and the unpredictable sun coming through at different times. I feel like this shoot is much more myself, I found new poses that flattered my body and the way it moves and I love it very much."
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