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Artist: MILLIE_M

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Editors Pick week 762
editors pick week 762

Artist: MACY
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Artist name: Rosa_D
Birthplace: Australia
Currently living in: "The greatest city in the world" ha. Melbourne
Occupation: Sales Gun at BNT
Age: 24
Height: 5'4"
Starsign: Leo
The biggest passion in my life: The musical Hamilton
I like to listen to: Film scores by Hans Zimmer - relaxing, exciting and stunningly beautiful music
I like to watch: Stuff that gives you the kind of belly laugh that leaves you gasping for air
I like to smell: Freshly baked garlic bread or cookies... Please don't make me choose

New Releases

Jul 20, 2018 Rosa_D//"silverandgold"
"It was really fun and exciting trying think of different ways to look at my apartment. I don't have a lot of space to play around with but I had a blast making the most of my cosy area. I sure do hope my neighbours had as much fun watching me run around with the mirror and all my props as I did, shooting."
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Jul 19, 2018 Lovisa//"fortsatta_spela"
"Jag gjorde det har projektet for att jag var nyfiken pa att utforska min egen sexualitet och lara mig att till fullo njuta av min kropp. Och jag njot verkligen av den, mycket mer an forvantat! Jag alskade att se olika vinkar och detaljer av min kropp som jag annars inte ser. Det fick mig att kanna mig unik och vacker och jag kunde verkligen uttrycka mig sjalv i varje foto. Efter ett tag gjorde alla foton mig mer och mer upphetsad. Nar jag var klar ville jag fortsatta att leka och skrev till en kille jag kanner som garna ville vara med! / I did this shoot because I was curious about exploring my sexuality and to learn how to fully enjoy my own body. And I really did enjoy it, much more than I expected! I loved seeing different angles and details of my body that I don't usually see. It made me feel unique and beautiful and I could really express myself through each photo. After a while the photo shoot started to make me feel more and more excited. When I was done I wanted to continue playing and wrote to a guy I know who was happy to join me!"
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Jul 18, 2018 Charlie_M//"shootnshine_1"
"So I asked my best friend if she didn't mind videoing me while I shot myself. We both drove out to the forest together and really made a day of it. We made a picnic and sat down beforehand and talked about what we would do, how we would do it. We just jumped straight in, it kind of all fell into place. At the end of it we both just had a giggle and watched through the video together."
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Jul 18, 2018 Jillian_D//"bodycanvas"
"I view my body as both an empty canvas ready for additions and a piece of fully finished art. I have previously had insecurities about my body, small things that I now realise are out-shined by my overall exterior self. I used scarves, paint, lipstick and jewelry. All my favorite personal items that I believe express my personality, so I am showing myself not just my body."
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Jul 17, 2018 Lyla_P//"lookscankill"
"I came into this project thinking it would be easy peezy lemon squeezy. I quickly figured out I was wrong. I ended up taking 2 separate shoots, the first was a wilderness shoot. I went on a hike and made my own path into the bush. It started off well, I was a bit worried of running into one of the many hikers I passed on the main trail but I figured I had ventured far enough in that I wouldn't. About halfway through, I realized that I had picked up a couple unwanted friends... some lovely leeches! They're a lot harder to remove than you think. After that was dealt with I got back to shooting, making sure to do a full body check every 10 minutes! I started losing light so I wandered back to the car and drove back. The second shoot was at a friend's place with lovely big windows. I tried to play with reflections and had a great time taking photos and thinking of new poses! All in all, it was a lovely experience! Even with the few speed bumps I came across on the way. Trying to solve problems always makes things a lot more interesting anyways! I hope you enjoy my shoot and I can't wait for the opportunity to do another!"
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Jul 16, 2018 Idya//"aloealoe"
"Hey Hey! It's Idya up in dis BISH. Here's some pics of me showing the love I have for my natural body with no filter, lighting or fancy angles. I actually love this site for the pure purpose of that. It's not just naked wemon, IT'S CHILLIN' naked women feeling confident just BEING. So the point of what I'm saying is, you don't have to watch yourself or do anything extra to feel okay being watched. Enjoy the LOVE."
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Jul 16, 2018 Jay_Fate//"wheelz"
"This shoot had its challenges but I managed to work with them and create something unique and beautiful. "Wheelz" is a collaboration showing that it doesn't matter how you look, who you are or if your legs are actually a set of wheels, beauty comes in all forms and abilities."
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Jul 15, 2018 Dazre//"sintiendo_amor"
"Fue excitante! Tome un vaso de vino, puse musica, y me empeze a divertir. Click por aqui, click por alla, de a poco meempezaba a desnudar, menos ropa mas diversion! Y ahi saque los jugetes y bueno paso lo que paso. Fueron testigos de un rato de pasion, con migo misma! Me diverti mucho, y hasta me dio la confianza para jugar y atreverme mas. Ademas lo hize en la casa de mi tia, entonces era todo muy a escondidas. Pero como todo secreto y cosa prohibida eso le dio mas diversion. Mi momento favorito fue con los jugetes, el whip! Usando sus sombras y texturas, mezclandolas con mi cuerpo quiero hacer otro shot! / To be true to me, I made it a whole artistic, sexy experience. I set the music, my sexy smelling candles, essential oils over my body, a glass of wine. I took a few deep breaths and started dancing, relaxing. Getting present, getting playful, my clothes started falling off and I stared embracing me, feeling and loving myself and slowly inviting the camera in, got a bit freaky, eventually taking out my toys (got a bit distracted hehe) and created a playdate with them, the camera and myself! A beautiful time, beautiful pleasure, can not wait to do it again! xoxo"
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Jul 15, 2018 Betty_J//"sunsparkles"
"It's been a while but here I am, no longer Maggie_A but Betty_J instead. A (name) change is as good as a holiday. An afternoon in a pine forest. A chance to play among the leaves and dance with the trees. What a way to spend an afternoon, catching sun sparkles and letting the breath of autumn kiss my skin. A celebration of the human form in its perfect imperfection. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore myself in such a magnificent environment."
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