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New Releases

Jul 14, 2018 Macy//"diamond_days"
"At the start of my shoot I was very out of place and wondering "What the hell am I doing, why am I doing this?" and then I realised I'm doing this to get over my insecurities, no one else will ever care about them as much as I do and that I need to not stress over them so much. I also had a good laugh when my pup ran into my room and onto my bed mid shoot, I took a few photos with him and then he got off me but he watched so confused from the edge of my bed. I think he just wanted to be in the spotlight too."
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Jul 14, 2018 Ray//"celestialgems"
"I really LOVED doing my shoot. I was in a really positive and appreciative mood that day and was feeling a lot of love for my body. I thought it would be really hard taking so many photos of myself because I normally really hate taking selfies, especially when my body is exposed so much. But I really got into my shoot and was really shocked when I realised that I had taken so many photos and could have easily taken more. It was really empowering and I felt a lot more love for myself after!"
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Jul 13, 2018 Morgan_R//"femininefeast"
"For my shoot, I really wanted to contrast the femininity of the naked form with how un-ladylike I am as a person. It took me a bit of time to get into it but I ended up having a blast! I had to make a strange request to my roommate and ask if I could conduct my nude shoot in his bedroom. There wasn't enough light in my room so I was grateful when he said yes! I only hope that I didn't leave any whipped cream on his floor."
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Jul 12, 2018 Jay_B//"sexualself"
"At the beginning I was struggling to really love my body, and I was putting expectations on what my body should look like on camera. But once I masturbated the frustration away I started to really get into it and started loving my body on camera. ISM has taught me to accept my body but also to remember to look after it. Thank you <3"
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Jul 11, 2018 Monte_Luxe//"pearlsofwisdom_4"
"I wouldn't swap out my crazy life for anything! Thank you for creating such a cool project as I Shot Myself - it's a wonderful way to connect with the world that ISN'T social media!"
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Jul 11, 2018 Alex_H//"trots_en_macht"
"I would've never guessed I'd be so comfortable by seeing my own vagina on a screen! And I don't think I've ever had such a good look at her. In these few shots I was still being my critical and analytical self. Going through the shots later made me have a good look at her and all the problems I have to say, are gone. No worries about the little blobs of fat on my belly when I pose in a way, or the cellulite you can see on my legs. Doesn't disturb me at all anymore. I had such a loving time doing it, I want to keep doing nude shoots now! I had a really big think: I'm now comfortable with being hairy between my legs. I just realize now. That for me, is massive. That was a goal I wasn't sure I would ever reach. Thank you so much ISM. I almost fell out of the window, almost dropped the camera in that direction too, luckily nobody and nothing got harmed during that shoot. I wonder what my friend is going to say when he finds out I did that in his room. But now I'm glowing with energy and walking around with pride and power, sucking in beautiful life!"
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