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The ISM Art Prize

It takes great courage to post naked photos of oneself here at ISM, and Ainsley C's folio, "First Morning", takes the exposure one step further. Baring her scars for the first time, Ainsley takes on the whole world at once - daring us to look, and to love her as much as she loves herself. Along with the emotional depth of this exposure comes an elegantly enacted theme of emergence, deep vivid colors, and beautifully framed closeups, making Ainsley_C's debut folio a shoo-in for July's Art Prize. Congratulations!
$500 prize!
Each month we award $500 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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Editors Pick week 562
editors pick week 562

Artist: GEMMA_C
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Allycia Joy_M Mew
Artist name: Ermione
Birthplace: Garda, Italy.
Currently living in: Garda, Italy.
Occupation: Babysitter.
Age: 21.
Height: 1,67m.
Weight: 75kgs.
Starsign: Scorpione.
The biggest passion in my life: Cantare, cantare e cantare/Sing, sing and sing.
I like to listen to: mi piace ascoltare musica rock e reggae/I like rock and reggae music.
I like to watch: mi piace guardare grey's anatomy e commedie/I like Grey's Anatomy and comedy movies.
I like to smell: mi piace l'odore dei dolci quando stanno cuocendo nel forno/the smell of the cakes.

New Releases

Aug 20, 2014 nikki_silver//"silverclouds_2" Video
Nikki's gone a bit Lynchian over in her abandoned river spot - atmospheric music swells as she toys, naked, with little flowers and inconsequential things, coy and sexy. Nothing out of the ordinary for Nikki, but we're at the edge of our seats, waiting for something strange to happen. Maybe it's Nikki's eyes, dancing with secrets - or maybe we've just watched a few too many episodes of Twin Peaks.
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Aug 20, 2014 Ermione//"mio_bosco" vote to hitlist
"Per scattare le foto sono andata nel bosco vicino a casa mia, ci andavo ogni domenica quando ero piccola, facevo picnic con la mia famiglia e andavo a fare il bagno nel fiume. Conosco quel bosco come le mie tasche, mi e sempre piaciuto esplorarlo, scoprire nuovi posti, era come conoscere una persona. Il giorno che ho scattato le foto mi sentivo nervosa, il bosco, il mio caro amico mi avrebbe visto nuda. Ho incominciato a spogliarmi e quando ho toccato la terra nuda mi sono sentita parte di essa, ero io il bosco in quel momento, ero foglie, acqua, vento e rami."
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Aug 19, 2014 Phoebe_K//"sea_sex_sun" vote to hitlist
"I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed the shoot. Even though I knew taking photos of myself would be challenging, it was fun trying to capture a moment and experiment with different angles. Outdoors was without a doubt the most fun! Being completely naked at a different location felt mischievous, which I think made me enjoy it even more! I felt free and it was exhilarating."
photos  |   Primary
Aug 18, 2014 Jaid//"whip_it_good"
"For this shoot I really wanted to play with reflections and the different angles of my body. I learned a great deal about the different shapes my body makes and how different it can look at the same time from varying stances. I was in my kitchen at home and so I decided to play with some food items as well! I loved the look of the shiny, silky cream and the dry look of white flour. My kitchen was a huge mess by the end of it but it was so worth the clean up. I love this set, its really me!"
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Aug 18, 2014 Ivy_c//"feck_this" vote to hitlist
"I love all the graffitti in Melbourne and so I had my heart set on finding some great graff locations to do my thang. Obviously, this meant that I would be shooting in public places... I was blessed to find a graff piece saying FECK so I clearly had to shoot there! It was right by the train tracks though so I'm sure a lot of people got quite a view on their way to work!"
photos  |   Primary
Aug 17, 2014 Joy_M_&_Tonino//"CoupleEnjoue_1"
"Belle experience pour mon couple,complicite, amour sur photo, la liberte artistique, l'expression de la nudite. Pas facile de trouver un endroit tranquille dans une grande ville, le mieux c'etait dans la nature. Exitation et sensation de liberte absolue. On a beaucoup rigoler, fusionner nos idees, chaque seances photo etait vraiment un moment de bonheur." - Joy_M
photos  |   Duet
Aug 17, 2014 fran//"WhileYouWereOut" vote to hitlist
"Para mi fue muy dificil tomar esas fotos, ya que vivo en la casa de una familia extrajera que nunca entenderian esta situacion. Yo sabia que los domingos en la manana ellos iban a la iglesia y en esos momentos fue que yo aprovechaba para tomarme las fotos, sin embargo igual estaba nerviosa, porque podian volver en cualquier minuto y encontrarme ahi desnuda en medio de su casa y en el jardin. Me gusto mucho haber realizado estas fotos, ya que fue una experiencia unica. Me hubiese gustado tener mas tiempo o estar en un lugar mas tranquilo..."
photos  |   Primary
Aug 16, 2014 Siobhan_K//"phoenix_rising" vote to hitlist
"Highly critical of my appearance and body shape, lacking in self esteem and confidence. I have been at rock bottom after a protacted and messy divorce, which has left untold emotional scars. Photographing myself in this way gave me control, an opportunity to scrutinize myself, re-assess and rethink my attitude to life. Had never previously embraced public nudity except by accident on Cable Beach in Broom. It actually is very liberating and exciting."
photos  |   Primary
Aug 15, 2014 Abbi//"soft_of_shade"
"I've always been a nature girl, so going out and finding this beautiful little tunnel of ivy was a lot of fun. I felt comfortable and happy lying on the cool earth in my favourite green silk dress, slowly undressing in the shade. I enjoyed being completely nude outside, feeling the soft breeze and warm sun carressing my skin."
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