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The ISM Art Prize

It was a landslide this month as we lined up at HQ to cast our votes, overwhelmingly in favor of Lila_J's oh-so "Vibrant Flesh". We can't help but respond to the wild, joyful spill of color which winds out from Lila's paintbrush, in stark contrast with the seductive mystery in her eyes. Congratulations, Lila J, on winning August's Art Prize!
$500 prize!
Each month we award $500 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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editors pick week 566

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Artist name: Abigail
Birthplace: Versailles, France.
Occupation: Art Student.
Age: 26.
Height: 180cms.
Weight: 79kgs.
Starsign: Virgo.
The biggest passion in my life: Mon chien/My dog!
I like to listen to: le craquement de la baguette toute chaude/the crunch of the fresh baguette.
I like to watch: les nuages changeant/clouds changing shapes.
I like to smell: l'odeur de la terre apres la pluie/countryside after the rain.

New Releases

Sep 16, 2014 Abigail//"green_dreams" vote to hitlist
"Le shooting etait en partie sur la plage et dans les buissons! Il faisait super beau sur la plage presque personne juste un vieux qui me suivait partout et ne me laisser pas faire ce que je voulais avec les photos!//The shooting was done on the beach and in some bushes! It was a sunny day, bright and clear light, but one creepy guy was following me on the beach and did not let me do what I wanted for the shooting, I needed to hide for a while!"
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Sep 15, 2014 Roro//"mechanophilia"
"Iím not a mechanic but I love my car. When things fuck up, I gotta fix it. My favorite part was taking out the sprockets and lifting out the timing chain and the silent shaft chain - the lube they use has a texture like nothing else. Just opening up the timing chain cover it made me wet. It was hot when I was working on her and I had to take all my clothes off. She is big red and hot and the concrete is cold hard and rough. Fun."
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Sep 15, 2014 Shanti_D//"wildmind" vote to hitlist
So this was my first time being naked outside in nature. I was surprised at how free and empowering this experience was. I felt very connected with my surroundings, playing with the sand, the trees, and swimming in the lake. I wanted it to be a natural and playful shoot, with some pretty scarves and feathers to just enchance everything. It was a beautiful experience.
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Sep 14, 2014 Dariah//"leaderofthepack"
"I found this shoot to be easier than my first as I felt much more comfortable with myself. I focused on my body as a whole. It was lovely weather as I was shooting and my two dogs, Iggy and Jasper, were outside with me and kept getting in the way. My boyfriend's puppy Evie was having a sleepover, so she's in some of the pictures as well."
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Sep 14, 2014 Frankie_D//"paper_route" vote to hitlist
"I "borrowed" a crap tonne of newspapers from my work and got to work, cutting out the first words on the page that jumped out at me. It felt slimy but cool going onto my skin. This feeling was such a relief because when I shot the first part, I got burnt like a little lobster at the beach. So, I had to wait til I had healed, and in that time I had changed my hair and added in another tatt or two here and there. Despite this little setback though, it was lots of fun!"
photos  |   Primary
Sep 13, 2014 Laoise//"get_yr_kicks" vote to hitlist
"I should be used to the freezing Irish cold, but it really doesn't get any easier! I shot myself outside because I wanted to use an environment that suited me. I'm not your average girly girl, so decided I'd make this shoot a little boyish almost and incorporated my skateboard and my favourite Adidas jacket which helped shield me from the cold a little! The bright blue jacket looked 10 times brighter against the grey concrete ground."
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Sep 12, 2014 jae//"noon_delight"
"I shot this folio in my kitchen and outside. Both settings were nerve-wrackingly exciting, I'm not sure if anyone saw me... but if someone did I guess they liked it! In the past I made it obvious that I liked grabbing random things and posing with them. Mmm, needs more swords. Maybe for a video, right? Haha, hope you all enjoy!"
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Sep 12, 2014 Olivia_B//"if_you_please" vote to hitlist
"At first I was nervous being naked, but found that after a few shots I was actually really enjoying it and found a sense of freedom. I can't wait to get naked now because it's so fun and daring and I love to see people's reactions (especially men). While I was shooting, my 'good friend' (the neighbour's cat) came to visit. After using him as a prop in my photos, it's safe to say I didn't see him again for a few weeks!"
photos  |   Primary
Sep 11, 2014 Sasha_S//"doof_doof" vote to hitlist
"I don't normally take photos of myself, and at first I was finding it challenging to capture myself in a creative way. After a bit I got into it and had fun being in charge of everything about my shoot. I am confident about my body and was able to fully let myself flow with whatever pose or angle came to mind. I enjoyed myself immensely."
photos  |   Primary
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