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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: MAYA_S
Worshipers in Ancient Egypt, offered honey to the fertility god, Min. In the Hindu tradition, honey is considered one of the five elixirs and poured over deity statues in sacred rituals. Legend has it that a monkey offered honey to Buddha in the wilderness. This month, we offer up June's Art Prize in tribute to the divine sweetness of Maya_S, the newest honey goddess of IShotMyself. Congratulations, Maya_S, may you reign supreme!
$250 prize!
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Editors Pick week 609
editors pick week 609

Artist: LEE_E
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Artist name: Rachel_A
Birthplace: England.
Occupation: Student.
Age: 19.
Height: 176cm.
Weight: 64kg.
Starsign: Pisces.
The biggest passion in my life: Travelling and having the chance to experience new cultures and people.
I like to listen to: the sound of rain while tucked away in bed.
I like to watch: the sun rise and sun set, amazing views from mountains and coasts.
I like to smell: vanilla scented candles, coconut shampoo and incense sticks.

New Releases

Jul 05, 2015 Rachel_A//"Sweetheart" vote to hitlist
"I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone when I decided to shoot myself as I've never done anything like this before! Usually I'm quite self conscious and shy about my body, but that's exactly the reason why I decided to do this! I found that as soon as I started taking photos I realised that there was nothing to be shy or ashamed about when it comes to my body and sexuality in general. It even filled me with confidence as I looked better than how I imagined. It was so liberating and a lot of fun trying (and sometimes failing) to try out new poses. I really hope this encourages other women out there to love themselves and embrace their natural bodies! "Life begins outside of the comfort zone"- it's true!"
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Jul 05, 2015 Sonya_T//"bravo"
"For my second shoot I chose another outdoor location: a park alongside a creek. I was quite close to a jogging path which made me a little shy. So I decided to focus this time on the act of undressing, as opposed to my first shoot, in which I embraced the freedom of being fully naked in the outdoors. It was different to my previous shoot in so far as it was rather a closer inspection of each of the individual parts of my body. I feel it reflected the slow peeling back of my own inhibitions over time, and the journey of self-acceptance I have gone through in relation to loving myself and my body."
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Jul 04, 2015 Charly_K//"PoisonIvy" vote to hitlist
"I wanted the shoot to be somewhere outdoors, green and leafy. Luckily my housemate had cut down a branch off a tree in our yard and it was a perfect place to frolic. It was also by chance St Patrick's Day so a great opportunity to wear my sexy green dress. The humidity and rain added to the steamy atmosphere in the backyard with would have been a sight for any neighbours in overlooking windows! The drops of rain helped to cool my naked skin and it was cloudy so no chance of sunburn!"
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Jul 03, 2015 Hazele//"Snuggletown"
"I shot myself on a deceivingly cold day. The weather looked so lovely and sunny outside but it was just playing mind games on me. In actual fact, it was so cold that I had to warm myself by snuggling up to my beautiful pets while slowly unraveling out of my blanket. I was really sleepy but I had a nice cold ginger beer in my hand, my pretty ferret alongside with my dalmatian and Malamute, so my day was set to hide away and slowly peel my clothes off."
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Jul 03, 2015 Audrey_Jane//"Decked_Out" vote to hitlist
"I had such an amazing time taking my photos. It was such a comfortable and liberating experience to be out in nature and being completely myself. It was a cold day but I was okay with it because it made my nipples look fantastic. It's certainly something I would want to repeat. Now I get to share my naked self in its truest form to other people who appreciate real erotica. All woman have the right to cast aside harsh societal expectations to run wild and free."
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Jul 02, 2015 Jolene_A//"Inara" vote to hitlist
"I was intrigued by the project immediately and decided I wanted to be a part of it. Attempting the shoot while living in a share house of six people proved to be very interesting. Looking back in hindsight, I wouldn't have had it any other way. The busy sharehouse provided a challenge for me. I was constantly on the lookout for any passersby in the park outside my window, or any possible visitors outside my closed (but not locked) bedroom door."
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Jul 01, 2015 liza_k//"on_the_town_2" Video
Liza_K really has taken us to a magical place on the tour of her city. Looking right at home amongst the lulling waves and rambling rocks; she is a creature of nature by any right. What a sight it would be to stumble upon a dozing Liza_K drinking in the December rays upon her favorite sun baking stone! The revels now are at an end for both tour guide and tourist, the scene concluding with a sunset as we watch the waves roll in.
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Jul 01, 2015 Lee_E//"selfpleasure" vote to hitlist
"I love taking selfies and pictures of myself, I feel powerful and in control of my own sexuality with the camera in my own hand. I love posing like this but have never shared it with anyone until now! THIS IS MY FIRST TIME! :) I had so much fun shooting myself in the bath, fresh faced with no make up on, in bed, against the city skyline, and playing with my new favorite toy, the Hitachi Magic Wand! I think I'm in love! I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship."
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Jun 30, 2015 Gail_Kelly//"WorkIt" vote to hitlist
"My ISM shoot happened in so many stages. The first time around I deleted most of my photos, feeling really upset that I couldn't portray my sexuality the way that I wanted. During later shoots I really started enjoying the project and even explored my backyard where there are 3 storey townhouses being built around me. I looked for spaces in my yard that were possibly (or not) hidden from the many builders. I got into this project to share the beauty of my body, with the jiggles, cellulite, stretchmarks and all. I fell really satisfied that I did just that. Body shame used to limit my self love, confidence and sexual experiences. As I move further and further from those limitations I am able to do more, express more, and feel so so much more!"
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