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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: PIXIE_P
Pixie_P embraces the audience from the start, introducing the details of her body in intimate close up shots. As she takes the camera to arm's length, she allows us wider look into her world: hand drawn pictures on the wall, her pet rabbit. For her artful use of field size and composition, we are proud to award June's Art Prize to Pixie_P, for her primary folio, "Cotton_Tail". Congratulations!
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Editors Pick week 560
editors pick week 560

Artist: MYLENE
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Artist name: Amelia_T
Birthplace: Montreal, Canada.
Currently living in: Montreal, Canada.
Occupation: Etudiante en psychologie.
Age: 20.
Height: 163cms.
Weight: 120lbs.
Starsign: Lion.
The biggest passion in my life: La vie elle-meme, la vie me passionne, je trouve que la vie nous offres tant de choses/Life itself.
I like to listen to: musique qui me rend joyeuse comme Bob Marley, les Beatles/music that makes me happy.
I like to watch: les series televisees dramatiques, les films de filles/the dramatics TV shows, girls movies.
I like to smell: toute les sortes de fleurs, la nature, l'air frais, la lavende/any kind of flowers, nature.

New Releases

Jul 29, 2014 Amelia_T//"faut_rire" vote to hitlist
"J'ai prise les photos dans le jardin juste a cote de mon appartement puisqu'il y avait de l'herbe et des arbres. Javais un peu peur quil y ai des gens qui passent quand jallais prendre les photos mais cetait en milieu de journee donc il n'y avait pas beaucoup de chance. Mais ce qui devait arriver arriva, des gens sont passes pour aller dans leur appartements. Je leur ai dit salut et j'ai rit."
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Jul 28, 2014 Nicholle//"coquetteren"
"En heb mezelf gefotografeerd in de achtertuin van een vriendin, zonder dat ik me zorgen hoefde te maken om bevroren tenen. Ik zou veel vaker naakt door de tuin moeten rennen :) Het is trouwens veel makkelijker om jezelf te fotograferen als de zon schijnt en de met de koelkast een paar meter verderop. Best lastig trouwens, je evenwicht bewaren in een hangmat, maar zoals je kunt zien, oefening baart kunst!"
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Jul 28, 2014 Lucia_C//"CuriosCuriouser" vote to hitlist
"I took these photos at my friends house she was away in Tasmania for a week, she needed me to feed her fish and she lives above a cafe. The room was airy and full of her personality. I wanted to do a simple shoot with some curios I found in there. At first I was kind of nervous and I didn't really know what to do, then I started using her mirrors and standing in the light of her window. It felt weird doing the shoot above the cafe because everyone was downstairs, but in a way it kind of made me feel comforted."
photos  |   Primary
Jul 27, 2014 caity_&_Tommy_H//"naught_ical_2"
"We went out on my boat. We shot for the morning into the afternoon and also got in some fishing as well. As we were shooting, the coastguard decided to hang around for 20minutes or so, they obviously had something more important to do. Afterwards I was glad that they left and felt more comfortable with the shoot." -Tommy_H
photos  |   Duet
Jul 27, 2014 Sonya_B//"self_search" vote to hitlist
"This shoot was a step in the direction of self love. I experienced I wide range of emotions, from self loathing to awe to joy and turn on. What an experience. I thought it would be easy, but wow did I work up a sweat! Listening to my favorite tunes and getting dressed up was really fun. The weather had its own 'range of emotions' that day. The sun on my body was beautiful. Wondering if my neighbors could see in my window..."
photos  |   Primary
Jul 26, 2014 Aili//"eclatement" vote to hitlist
"...I eventually end up enjoying myself playing with colorful water balloons. I got to be imaginative, decorating my body and intimates parts with them and trying to get THE shot while I was bursting one. It took some time but I got so excited when I capture the first one that it turned into a creative challenge. I had so much fun and all that being naked and wet under the sun."
photos  |   Primary
Jul 25, 2014 mylene//"secret_stash"
Okay, we admit it - we clung to this 2 year old folio like bears to honey, unwilling to run out of photos of Mylene. Every once in awhile we'd pull this folio out and debate about it - some said we should share our treasures with you, dear audience, while others wanted to wait for a still rainer day. Until finally, glorious Mylene herself solved our conundrum, by gracing us with a new set to hoard jealously. We'll try not to hold on to this new folio for so long... but for now, content yourself with this one. It is more than enough.
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Jul 25, 2014 Vicky_J//"wo_man_cave" vote to hitlist
"This was at my fiance's parents' house Which was full of curious cats. They are constantly walking in and out of the home. At each sound of the door opening & shutting I would have to hop back into the bedroom VIA THE WINDOW! Some of the pics were in the garage *man cave* which makes the loudest door opening sound. This whole time keeping it as secret as I can because they are the most conservative of peeps. This was still very important to me because even though nudes can be shamed in society I say "FUCK EM". It makes me more determined to be more naked!"
photos  |   Primary
Jul 24, 2014 Ophelia_C//"lemon_water" vote to hitlist
"My quaint little lemon colored abode provided the most private and relaxing place to shoot. The water from the hose was so refreshing and felt nice cascading all down my skin, washing off all the little stones that I had accumulated throughout my shoot. In some shots, you can even see the pedestrian sign that one of my housemates pillaged on a wild night out, now I just need to hunt down a workman's hat to top it off!"
photos  |   Primary
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