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The ISM Art Prize

A landslide vote at HQ this month for Lila_S' "Midsummer Nights", a folio which takes us from the sweet sun-drenched tiles of Lila's flower strewn patio, to beneath the foaming of the aquamarine waves at the beach. Lila's true beauty shines from within, but it's her skills with her camera that allow her to share it so eloquently, regardless of the physical distance between us. Congratulations, Lila_S, for winning November's Art Prize!
$250 prize!
Each month we award $250 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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editors pick week 580

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Artist name: Franca
Birthplace: Venezuela.
Age: 20.
The biggest passion in my life: Definitivamente bailar/Definitely dancing!
I like to listen to: música pop/pop music.
I like to watch: series de televisión/TV series.
I like to smell: varias clases de frutas/lots of fruits.

New Releases

Dec 20, 2014 Franca//"bluebody" vote to hitlist
"It was a nice morning but I was so bored, at home, alone, so I said "Why not play with the camera?" I enjoyed myself. I get horny when I take myself nude photos. It's really exciting the idea that somebody can arrive from work and catch me! :P"
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Dec 19, 2014 Ashlynne//"make_a_splash"
"During my hunt for bugs last time, I noticed my garden was looking slightly dire, so I set out to liven up my dead garden with a splash of ice cold water. I think I may have gone a bit overboard when I got distracted though..."
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Dec 19, 2014 Delilah_S//"outta_my_hair" vote to hitlist
"Doing this shot outside and hanging the red clothes on the clothesline on one of the coldest days of the year was a slow process for two reasons: one because I'd kept having to run inside and stand over the heater to warm up and two because I wanted to avoid the middle-aged neighbour who often sticks her head over the back fence to have a chat! I wanted to include clothes without a body inside them by hanging them on the clothesline. To me this symbolises the washing out of old steroytypes and cliches surrounding the reality of being a woman, and of being naked."
photos  |   Primary
Dec 18, 2014 Katie_T//"sport_nastriy" vote to hitlist
"I made this shooting at home. It was really fun, but I was embarrassed when neighbors noticed me in the window. After watching all photos I was really pleased, I liked them very much."
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Dec 17, 2014 traci//"oh_canada_3" Video
Traci, may we just say, we adore your socks and sandals. We like your baby pine trees and your pretty hair, and your finely shaped big toes. We love your friendship groups, your voice, your home and your stories. Traci, we love you seriously. We love when you masturbate on ISM video which like, no one else can get away with. We especially love when you do it over on IFM (link for the curious). We just love you Traci. We can't get enough.
video  |   Primary
Dec 17, 2014 Sarah_J//"healthy_heart" vote to hitlist
"I have recently moved into a beautiful beachside suburb in a high rise apartment overlooking the bay. Every morning I wake, happy to be alive and living in such picturesque surroundings. I love running along the beach and in nearby parks....I consider this time my meditation. I'm able to indulge in amazing coffee while I sit and watch the passing parade of people, whilst the suns beams warm my body and the nearby sounds of waves crashing against the shore calm my spirit. Living in my sundrenched apartment makes me feel safe and peaceful. My home allows me to look down upon the world, taking it all in, reminding me of how blessed I am to be alive and in this body I was born with."
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Dec 16, 2014 Olivia_V//"bubble_over" vote to hitlist
"Fun fact: I shaved my legs in the rough surf before this shoot (not that there's anything wrong with body hair, just felt like being smooth) and my tub of moisturizer was swept away. When I chased it down it was full of sand, but who knew - that created the perfect exfoliator! Also the location was in a much more direct view of the road and passing trucks than I thought... I had a bit of a multiple-drive-by, iPhone-out-the-window or pulling-over-just-up-the-road type audience. At least nobody called the police. I wish nakedness wasn't such a big deal to most of society. This was the most fun I've had and pure bliss I've felt by myself in awhile and I'm really glad I did it."
photos  |   Primary
Dec 15, 2014 Jemima_K//"hide_out"
"Being right by the river was lovely, I had the location in mind because of the lack of people and quietness. Although there was plenty of mosquitos to make things interesting! I loved the soft lighting in between the trees but I wanted to mix it up a little with the quirkiness of the concrete box which was much darker inside due to the trees overhead. I experimented with flash which was new & got the shoot done rather quickly cause it was 6 degrees outside! Brrr!"
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Dec 15, 2014 Ellen_P//"look_in" vote to hitlist
"These photos were taken in my bedroom on a beautiful sunny Friday. I thought I would use the huge deer wall hanging behind my bed as a backdrop to make the shoot seem more mystical and enchanting combined with the reflections and angles from the mirror."
photos  |   Primary
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