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In many ways I am bold but also quiet and shy. I don't mind being naked if no-one other than my husband sees me. It gives me a feeling of freedom. Freedom from expectations of society, freedom to feel the breeze all around me. At first I thought it would be easy but after the first 20 shots I ran out of ideas of how to make the photos different. I am glad I joined ishotmyself. It has been an interesting process. I find I am more creative than I thought I was. I hope I inspire other older ladies to be comfortable with their own bodies. Thanks ISM!

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13 Feb 18
ZIP - 49|101M
birthplace: Cobden, Victoria
currently living in: Friendly home
occupation: Retired Nurse
age: 75
height: 166cm
relationship status: Married
biggest passion in my life: My husband & children
I like to listen to: The choir where I sing
I like to watch: David Attenborough
I like to smell: Lavender
I like to taste: Many things
I like to feel: Free and comfortable
favourite part of my body: My legs
favourite part of someone else's body: Nice hands
Why i shot myself: Thought it would be fun
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Tony Abbott
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: My grand daughter <3
my website/fav website: Google!
Most outrageous thing I have done: Married a much younger man
Bands I like: Nana Mouskouri, Margret RoadKnight
Books I like: Anything non fiction
Films I like: Real stories of real stories